soft networks is the art practice of bhavik singh, working closely with many friends.

We create slow, intimate, tools as a means of imagining alternate futures for social software. Our projects and this website, like a garden, are still growing.

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is this thing on

a live streaming platform for artists, guided by public conversation and performance. with molly soda, christopher clary, and sarah rothberg.

remote protocols

protocols to help you connect with someone far away. with alice yuan zhang, for the digital review

p5 in the park

a curriculum of 'plein-air coding exercises' using p5.js to pay close attention to the natural world. with the processing foundation

a collaborative video editor using merging 200+ clips from Molly Soda’s archive. with molly soda, for feral file

jose miguel

a space to collaborate with poet jose miguel, across boundaries of incarceration. with virtual care lab.